Why are some men made to look bad for liking large boobs?

I may have said innocently amongst my friends and acquanintances that I like large breasts on a woman. In fact, the last two women I dated were shall we say more endowed. My ideal (both ethnically and figure-wise) is Namitha, who is a Bollywood actress.

However, it seems men share who my likes get vilified by many women, as we are being "shallow" or "not seeing the whole package". Why? lol.. Not to be offensive, but isn't it smaller-endowed women who are insecure who largely say this? To me at the least, my likes are benign, and simply dating women as above gives me joy. IMO, that's the whole point of having preferences and frankly dating, period. I am black, and wouldn't care if a woman said she didn't fancy black men. It is as is, and it's not my place to change others' standpoints or perspectives. It's not different to only dating blondes or women who are educated. Again, all preferences lead to joy, and why date somebody who on some level doesn't bring one joy?

That said, I am NEVER discriminatory or hurtful to smaller endowed women. As a matter of fact, I met one recently who in other ways was attractive, but told her she wasn't my type. We've remained good friends since then, but the real reason was that she was, well, less endowed, and I'm not a bastard and actually say to her that's the reason I'm not dating her. It may be that other men are not as humane/tactful, but not ALL of us should be condemned because some of us are fools.

This may be tl;dr, however to be succinct I don't get why men who like large breasts should be scorned, as it's just a preference and preferences per se are not evil. Provided men are respectful and not putting down less-endowed women, it should be fine IMO. As a side point, we need to teach more self-acceptance in society, as IMO it's the key to emotional wellbeing.


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  • I don't think its bad at all to have preferences. As you said, that's kind of the whole point of dating and such. You are entitled to have your own standards, but if you reject every girl you think is attractive and might even have a special connection with simply because she doesn't have big t*ts, that's where it can become a problem.

    It's okay to go after only girls with big girls, but sometimes you might come across someone who might actually be the person for you, and you shouldn't reject her just because she's flat chested. At least I wouldn't, if I were you.

    I have a type of guy I prefer as well. Tall, dark hair, toned, blue eyes etc etc. That is my ideal. But, I have been interested in guys who look nothing like that. Just like you found a smaller girl who you were attracted to, I was also attracted to guys that didn't fit my type, but unlike you I actually gave them a chance. And I'm glad I did!

    Just don't be so rigid with your preferences, I guess. But there's nothing wrong or shallow about you for having them.

    • so then the key is to find somebody who meets one's preferences.

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    • the first sentence of my answer is literally "I don't think its bad at all to have preferences" so I don't really know how you can say that I think they're "evil." Why are you trying so hard to argue with me?

    • because losers such as yourself make studies pronounce how men who like big boobs are sexist and evil lol..

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  • its just funny when girls get that in their head and put in implants... I have big boobs and they are gross, I'll probably have stretch marks when I'm older.

  • You aren't shallow at all. I love blond or bald men. I don't know why

    • I don't approve of shallowness at all, however I still think persons hold a right to be so.

    • There is no such thing as shallow

    • Shallowness is a lack of depth. That said, if people don't wish to see "depth", it's their issue.

      All dating standards are completely subjective. Everything is subjective lol..

  • We are all entitled to our preferences and opinions, but if you went to a girl and asked her what kind of guys does she like, and her reply was "I like big d***s, simply dating guys like this gives me joy", what would you think? Wife material?

    You are still in the luck, at least you can see for yourself if a girl is well endowed without bigger consequences.

    Think it's pretty sad getting rejected for not being well-endowed (even though you are in other ways attractive), or for not having blue eyes, being too high, too short, brunette, too pale, a mole on your face, etc., etc.

    Sure maybe we all have an ideal type, the difference is not considering dating outside that mold.

    Ah, guess that's what your nickname means.

    • isn't rejection part of life?

      and are you suggesting one should never reject others?

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    • Human beings are natural hypocrites. It's my opinion you're threatened.

    • All except for me, of course. Must be why I don't like humans very much. Most of them only care about themselves, their preferences and how to take advantage of someone else. They justify all of their shortcomings with "I'm only human" and always assume other people are the ones to blame, even start insulting them when in lack of a better argument.

      This kind of people don't impress me one bit, much less threaten me.

  • well I think its more about how the guy expresses himself. you seem "normal"

    • Why is normal in quotes?

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    • i don't sat its wrong. its al relativism, there's no right or wrong.

    • I know that right and wrong don't exist ever, who doesn't? However, you all are saying preferences are bad, and I disagree.

      You have to factor why preferenes exist. It could be based on experience, or complementary traits.

  • i don't know...

  • hmmm... that's something I am quite afraid of. I am skinny flat chested, and I never slept with those western guys after dating them. Please refer to my question:


    I talked everything good about me in the question, hoping that all those good aspects about me would cover my drawback, and make me still attractive on bed. But I cannot overcome this, although those guys dated me and chased me showed all their interest, but I am just afraid all the interest would be ended up with seeing I am flat-chested.


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  • It's called misandry.

    • Hmm.. yet women judge us men physically also lol..

      I don't think it's hatred of men, rather hatred of themselves (for not measuing up to ONE MAN's standards). There are probably 1-2 billion men in the world. There must be logically one man who will like a woman for who she is.

    • Sadly there are many men who love women no matter what, they're called manginas link

    • yes, some men are beta. and?

  • Because they are like creeps.

  • i didn't know they were. I like big boobs and I don't give a f*ck what anyone thinks of that.

    wait I just looked at this namitha girl and she's fat. maybe you should've said you like fat chicks, not girls with big boobs. there's a difference.

    • yet adele is a sex symbol too. and?

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    • eh? do you presume your reasoning applies to all other humans?

    • it does. adele is actually below average now that she's a bloated walrus. it's the media who sensationalizes her.

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