She told me "she was drunk and argued with her ex". Worth going for her still?

We're both interested in each other and been flirting but our texting carried on again around 1am, she seemed off with me but I didn't take too much notice.

She then said "I'm drunk and have argued with my ex... Please don't wind me up tonight"

I'm not sure what to make of it.. was she out drinking with her ex? Or phoned/messaged him? She usually goes out drinking with a group of her girl mates.

I carried on the conversation saying I'll make her smile with a few jokes, but I got mixed messages such as "Whose there xx" and then when I ended the conversation, she just said "bye".

I understand she was drunk, but when I send a text later that day, I didn't get a reply and it's been two days.

I don't understand the ex thing really, they've replied to each other a few months back on twitter and it seemed friendly, as if they were just friends.

They broke up over 3 years ago also.

Should I initiate a second text that's playful and funny? Then if no reply, move on?


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  • Day two is it? No matter. The answer is no. You should not send a playful / funny text. It's time to man up and tell her how you really feel or just keep quiet. If you were asking how to cheer your buddy up, I'd agree, but your agenda is not so innocent so you may as well shed the act in real life as well.

    What I recommend you do is just ask generic questions and have a XGE, which is a conversation surrounding basic concepts such as how they are doing and how they feel. You want to build up into an actual state of relationship material not be the clown friend who suddenly busts out with some fool-ass confession.

    I'm not being facetitious. I'm not attacking you as a person. I'm telling you the Truth.

    The alternative of course is you open with some silly message that shows zero concern that she isn't interested in, doesn't respond to, miss out on having a serious chance, and moveo and with you life. Neither hurts you. One just is a fasttrack to nowhere if you're going to lose the gamble.

    • Nice detailed reply. So what should I re-initiate with? I think you're right to avoid the playful reply, maybe only give her that when she responds well with me.

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    • Patience as you said. Suppose I've got you to thank! I do blame the time I was wasting my time with this other girl and got myself played/used because of it, although I was younger. I suppose I didn't want a repeat, but I did make a lot of needy mistakes last time. Everything has gone perfect so far with her so far, so I'll definitely be doing more facetime/skype than texting too. Thanks again!

    • May things work in your favor, friend.

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  • its chic wackyness. I had a girl I was dating for 8 months. She found out out of the blue one day at the hotel she worked at that her ex had a wedding booked for her! hotel. She went all mind crazy and started thinking about him again and it upset me..I guess she had been in love. You have to slowly yet firmly back away now!. But do so by stating you need to know how she feels about you versus her ex and say you want to giver her time to think about it. then say nothing at all man. just let her think it through. When she wants to come back. Give her even more time to think about it.Trust!

  • Probably not but still give her some time before quitting. She might be hung up on her ex still. And that may not be a good sign.

    • After 3 years though? I've noticed they've given each other friendly exchanges on twitter of the past year or so, but surely something would have happened since. Also, she is quite stubborn I've noticed.

    • Then I guess you'll just have to accept that her ex and her will always be apart of your lives if you do decide to get with her. He'll always be around. You just have to overlook it and just love her for who she is. Anyways just get to know her more and hang out with her. That's all you can do right now.

    • Yeah, an example is I get on friendly with my ex. I even told her about this, we're that friendly.. so it can happen. Although we only went out for a few months as opposed to this girl who was in a relationship for a year with that guy. Saw during that time he'd write "love you" etc on her wall when they went out, but I don't know if some people just say it and don't mean it. I'll overlook it, it's just that first sign of suspicion that'll be annoying.

  • Yes she's still quite worht it.

  • Never good when an ex is still in the picture to have arguments with. I mean what's going to happen when he goes out drinking and she tells him that she's out with you? It's just a fight waiting to happen.