What do people think about making friends and having relationships over the internet?

This is my opinion: I don't see why people shouldn't make friends and even start on-line 'dating' with someone they like as it is a good way to talk to people all across the world that under normal circumstances would be almost impossible to be able to do.

Obviously with it though, you do need to be careful with it and take precautions about what you say to the other person, and if it ever comes to meeting the person it should be with someone else and in a public place. Also, be reasonable with any possible age differences that can be considered breaking the law.

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  • Online services are definitely becoming ever more viable as a way to meet people and cultivate new friendships/relationships, but some cautionary guidelines should definitely be in effect. When it comes to contact, what's being discussed, etc. a lot of it basically comes down to common sense - i.e. don't talk about things that make you uncomfortable, or that you wouldn't talk about freely in a regular face-to-face conversation.


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  • i think that its cool the internet is the best way way to express yourself its great that you can be friends and chat with people you would never get a chance to meet normally.

    I do not believe that everyone you meet wants to murder and kidnap.

    strangers are friends you have not met

    there are a small minority of total weirdos who ruin it for everyone you got to watch out for them of course and as you said as long as you meet in a safe public place it will be cool.

  • Well there is nothing wrong with it, if any thing it's just another way of meeting new people. The only difference is that this is some thing that you would need a lot more trust in the other person and also know when your doing the right thing.


What Girls Said 3

  • i agree with your points about online, dating/friendship I have several friends that I have met on the internet on myspace or facebook, and my current fiancee I met online and everything is great with him, meeting someone online gives you a chance to get to know someone before forming oppinions about them based on material things, you really get to know someone just through talking to them

  • i think its stupid, you never know who the person truly is unless they have webcam or something. and having a relationship is pointless because you can't have physical contact with them, which for me.. is a must =]

    • I agree with the whole physical contact thing, but if official dating services are used wisely it can be quite safe and you can't always know what some one is like in real life either. Also, it is good to know someone's personality before diving in straight to the hugging/kissing etc. stages as sometimes they can also be a cloak to how a person is personality wise.

    • Yes that true about knowing the personality thing before you meet them.

      but I find that if you already know everything about them, then what are you gonna talk about when you go on a date? its like youve already covered everything in your profile so I just think it would be kinda awkward and boring.

      i prefer to meet people in person and get to know them through talking and hanging out,

      BUT whatever floats your boat is cool with me =]

  • i don't find it a bad thing I'm online dateing someone and its working out fine & I'm meeting the person soon after I've made sure I know there not a rapist or anything like that I know who he is and I love him that's all should matter :]