Guys, why should you not date a girl that is out of the hood?

why shouldn't you never date a girl from the hood? furthermore move a hood girl in your home? my friend might have to get his number changed because she's too depended upon him and her mother act like a teenager from the hood on Facebook and in real life. she speaks slang and go to hood parties so therefore you know the duaghter wasn't taught anything. the boyfriend had to do what she was suppose to do as a mom. the girl is dramatic and overly clingy to the point where my friend has phone calls coming in from female friends and she starts drama with them. so he turns off his phone late nights to make sure things are okay during the night and he is the owner of the phone. he been with her for 7 months and she was paying his bills and etc. that was the only reason she was kept around. how come girls get overly clingy when you move them in? everywhere he go he has to take her and she's quick to start drama. at night he turns his phone off and don't turn it back on until he wakes up because she goes through it


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  • shes a hood rat that is all she has known its not all her fault its just the world she was born into. Yeah it sucks but people are who they are they are. He was her meal ticket out of that bad place. I had a girlfriend who her family had to live in a part of the hood cause they couldn't afford anything else at he time. well they ended up getting held at gun point by a gang because they thought her family was telling the police about their drugs. she really were but it was life and death for them. the hood is a crazy place and I can't say for first hand but I had my fill driving through chicago to midway airport. the hood surrounds the place all the gas stations have bars on them no bathrooms all these boarded up houses. she is clingy because she got a taste of what everyone should be living in and the quality. people should have that as a standard but she never got to experience how good life can be. I don't feel bad about what you said about her because I can only imagine what bad she came from. it does not make her a bad person.


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