What makes you worthwhile to date?

You know, a lot of the time I hear all about why someone is HORRIBLE, that's fine, I already knew you were horrible before you told me, but what I want to know is what makes you not horrible?

This isn't "What mask would you put on to attract someone" or "What are your best traits"?, no, it's "What makes you a valuable partner in life?"; so your generic "I'm really nice and like puppies and kitties and long walks on the beach" are all useless. Try something like "I have strong stress management skills and cope well to the emotional breakdowns of others."

I'm just curios.

As a bonus, because I've gotten bored with my life, would you date me knowing all you know about me now ( which is practically nothing ) based on what you've seen? There is a correct answer.

Hint:: It is not "Yes".

But that's a bonus question you fool. Answer the real one. If you can't answer the real one I will slay your entire family. In cold murder. Or warm murder. It's hot here so it might be warm where you live. If it isn't then it's cold. You know.

I can't believe you read this far. @_@

I like this thread. Men are SO datable they do not post here. That's just how datable they are. Or so undatable that they know posting here will condemn them to hell -> "The Friendzone" forever with their little GAG crushes. One can only speculate.


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  • Hmm, I've never really thought about it before but I guess it would be:

    -I have good communication skills

    -I don't like playing mind games, I say exactly what I mean and act in accordance. No guessing involved.

    -I'm not "controlling" or "naggy", I give my guy freedoms and respect just like I would hope that he would give me.

    -When I'm in a relationship, I'm serious about it and do anything to keep that relationship strong, I don't just give up when things get tough.

    -I'm a loyal partner, other guys are of no interest to me when I'm in love. (of course I still have guy friends and talk to them, but I don't consider that being not loyal).

    -I can have just as much fun staying home and watching a movie rather than going out and doing something with him.

    -When I do go on dates with my guy, like to split the bill. I don't think the guy should have to pay for everything so I at least offer and am more than willing to pay for myself.

    Kind of a short list but, meh, that's all I can come up with. Lol


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  • I have no idea. I have far more disadvantages than advantages.

    Probably the fact that I am 100% loyal.

  • - When I love someone, I do almost anything to keep them happy

    - I'm loyal

    - I'm even tempered and rarely emotional

    - I'm very easy to get along with, so his parents and friends will like me

    - I'm family oriented and will put my heart and soul into raising our children

    - I'm relaxed and don't get jealous or possessive

    - I'm cheap haha. I really hate when guys spend their money on me (except on a first date)

    • Well you're just the most useful one yet!

    • Hahaha I'm sure you'd change your mind if you heard my downsides. But meh! This is positivity question! :) Thanks man!

    • That's the idea! Rainbows for everyone!

  • -I'm attractive

    -I'm sexually open

    -I'm caring and affectionate

    -I listen instead of talking over (good communicator)

    • 2/4 of these matter. 50% ain't bad.

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    • As for being open sexually that's one of those things that's really cool but if you talk to couples who have been around the bend being able to work through their problems was a bit more important than being able to hit it and having it be the bomb. Not to say, again, that it's unimportant. It's not! By no means does it not play a part, you're on the money, but again this question is geared towards a different direction. That's all. Communication is useful ALWAYS. Hot bod? Meh. Sex? Eh.

    • This and of course Sexiness fades. I was going to avoid that secret but you won't look the same when you get older and the older you get the less likely you'll be totally hot. True for men esp for some reason. I wish I had balding in my bloodline. :/ I need a haircut.

  • well...there is absolutely no chance of anyone else standing me so cheating and leaving is ruled out. *positivity*

    • This is a great way to look at life. I can totally not relate! But! I appreciate people like you, the staunch defenders of singleness, the guards of chastity, the pinnacle of mankind's only hope at depopulation.

    • you a**hole :3 lol

    • If it makes you feel any better I would date you based on the absolutely nothing I know about you and we'd get along mildly well until the whole "Differences in Character" thing came up. Which would be pretty quick. Why haven't they invented E-dating yet? That's a genius idea. That's a really good idea! It's like Second Life only ... smarterer. Way to go; you got me curious about the ins-and-outs of yet another useless system. :( You're a booger.

  • I am honest, fun, and down to earth. I'm a great listener. I'm a bit of a wiseass but it's funny as long as I chill on the mean jokes. I sometimes do semi-retarded things that are really embarrassing, but make for awesome "remember that time when you..." stories. I am a unique individual. I am caring, honest, loyal and sincere in all I do. I also have this secret mushy deep side not many people know about but it takes awhile before you get to that part. Oh...and I have had a interesting life and am kinda intelligent and knowledgeable so I have many interesting stories to tell.

    • Your boyfriend/girlfriend/other must be very happy then. :3

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    • this is the pointless conversations about nothing part isn't it? yea... are you medicated?

    • You're a midget.

  • well I'm pretty funny. people ar ealways laughing about things I say.

  • i am a nice person

  • nothing

    • Anonymous as a female has no reason to date her. What about being mysterious? Mysterious anon girls ... The only type I'd go after.

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