Do you think public statuses are meant for you to read and feel hurt?

say an "ex" wrote something publicly on his Skype status like "missing my baby"...

One time I wrote him and he says he doesn't have a girlfriend its to get rid of the stalkers. I asked oh like me he said no I wish, I said why. he said because you hook it up (did sexual stuff for him on Skype) ,

I think he had a girl online tho then.<--- (lurking I see a lot and he talks to a lot of girls online it seems like. He is extremely attractive. So... kind of a no brainier almost every girl especially online is going to want to talk to him)

Last night he had a similar status. I haven't contacted him in 2 weeks he hasn't spoken to me in 3 weeks. Ignored messages.

Think he is just posting it to hurt me? ( I "cheated" before I knew we were seriously going to meet) < he hinted a lot in his Skype statuses. like the date I did it and stupid quotes to make me feel guilty.

And 3 days after he broke up with me he posted a picture of him and another girl and said I love my baby. then he deleted it the same day and posted one of him and a different girl

The first time I felt hurt this time I barely feel anything. I just happened to notice not many Skype contacts it and was trying to get opinions on what other people thought he was aiming for or am I just thinking to much.

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  • Oh, statusses are meant to be read by the right people!

    I see it every day. Not for me but clearly meant for certain people:

    "Never felt this way before. #goodlife #lovemyboyfriend"

    "Some people need to shut up and mind their own business"

    "Who's laughing now? #lol"

    They aren't meant for the people liking them or commenting, they are meant for the ones that don't like 'em.


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  • not really

  • A imo.

  • sometimes, but I try not to pay attention to them

    to me it seems like he is trying to hurt you a little bit, or show he "doesn't" care