Guy initiated things, now I don't understand?!

About 8 months ago, I was at a party that my mom's friend held for her for my mom's graduation from grad school. My mom's friend has a son, Cameron, who is 20. (I am 17 so there is a significant age difference). I was so caught up talking to another not so good guy that I barely realized or saw the amazing guy right in front of me, the laughs we had or any of it. That night I went home, and he had sent me a friend request on Facebook and instantly started poking me, turns out we had over a month long poke war, and usually messaged or talked in between, the second night, he gave me his number and told me to text him. We texted often and usually it was him initiating a conversation. I was so caught up in this other guy, and the hurt that I felt with him, that I didn't really feel like I looked at Cameron in the right way. I kind of saw him as a rebound, and in retrospect I feel really badly for that. I didn't act like myself. I tried to initiate hanging out in person, and he couldn't both times and I felt like such an idiot so I said stupid unconfident things that I think made things worse. the poking stopped.

Things ended bitterly between the other guy I was talking to and I had to completely cut it off. I thought I could get Cameron out of my head, I mean nothing really happened, we flirted a bit when we talked. I ended up messaging him apologizing for not being myself and that if he wanted we should meet up for coffee and that it would be great to be friends.

It took him two months to respond and when he did he said "Hey Anna! I'm sorry I never replied to that text! I was thinking of what to say and then it just got pushed further down the list. I remebered when my mom told me about your new job haha! And that's fine don't worry, coffee sounds great!".

I didn't hear from him so I finally got the courage to ask him to coffee, and it felt like he was avoiding it both times, although others think he is being honest about being busy. So I just told him it was totally okay and that he should let me know if ort when he ever wants to.

Then on my birthday, he texted me happy birthday and we ended up talking and laughing and having the best conversation that day. for about 8 hours, and I was the one to say goodnight and end it.

I waited to see if he would text me the next day, but he didn't. It will be almost a month since he has. I don't understand. He initiated talking, and although I think that it cold have a great deal to do with our age difference (although I am definitely mature, I am a senior in HS and he is a junior in college) I am close to his mom, and he still lives in his house and goes to school. He is the sweetest guy I have ever met, and I have never had as much fun in such a short and tiny span of moments with anyone. He had a pretty serious relationship with a girl for about one and a half years and his mom said they were off and on back in August. I don't know. I guess the obvious answer could be that he just wants to be friends.


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