Is this a good reply to her saying she's busy at work?

So I want to meet up with her but she wants us to do facetime first. I've seen signs she's interested too.

I sent this text: "We're doing facetime at the weekend, unless you're too shy". She replied saying "I'm working all weekend babe!" then a second text "I will facetime soon though.

I'm busy up until Sunday to talk on facetime with some editing work. I know she works at the weekend, but wasn't sure what time.

I was gonna say "After the weekend then, could do with getting this work done for somebody"

Is that a good reply or should I say something else?

Is it worth even replying to it and let her come after me with a message to do facetime after the weekend?

Screw it, went ahead and said "Yeah that's cool. Need to get work done for somebody this week" to imply I'm busy myself, which I am except at the end of the weekend.

Didn't want to over emphasise that I was busy though, in case it looks like I'm trying too hard to not act bothered.

I'll let her come to me after the weekend about using facetime. I've asked, she was busy, it's up to her now :P


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  • Respond with "well, let me know when you can find the time." If she doesn't suggest something after the weekend, ask her again when the weekend is over.

    • I went with "Yeah that's cool. Need to get work done for somebody this week". I probably would have gone with yours, but I don't want it to look as if I'm fitting into HER schedule, I want her to fit into MINE. I'll let her suggest facetime to me after the weekend, then whatever time she suggests I'll suggest a time that's later one (i'll have to anyway, I'm out during the afternoon most days next week)

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    • Starting to think the rules are the same for each gender now haha. Yeah alright, I'll suggest it again after the weekend, no excuses then seeing as she doesn't have work. I can tease her about "being shy"

    • There you go. Sometimes I almost feel sorry for my guy LOL. Just got to keep him guessing, by now his every free weekend belongs to me ;) He just doesn't know when all I have off. Yep, you can tease her.

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  • it was, but you could have just told her that she should tell you when you can hang out for real

  • well just text her again som time if she wants to facetime first.

  • just tell her to let you know when she is free


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