Should I go on this date or not?

I haven't met this guy in person just online. He seem legitimate. Fb checks out lol. He's from out of town and is here for a while for work stuff. However, we've only texted and our convos aren't really indepth just basic stuff, we talk about work and how our day went kind of things. And we send each other msgs every other day (msg lag) in replying. He asked me out for drinks or coffee about three days ago and I haven't responded.

Here's some things about me:

1) never kissed a guy, I'm 23.

2) no dating experience except 3 dates from online which were all first dates and they were so awkward. I thought the guys weren't interested in me or were just acting weird and I wasn't really attracted to them physically when I saw them becasue they were my height or barely above it and skinny. I'm a little tall and curvy so I would want someone taller and athletic. This new guy looks like he has an amazing body and I'm honestly way more attracted to him than the other 3 guys. The other 3 guys I went out with because I was just desperate for dates I think lol

I don't want it to be awkward especially because we really don't know each other and talking on the phone is hard because we would both get charged long distance.

What should I do?


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  • No, he's from out of town and he knows that he can't pursue a relationship where you can see each other face to face for an extended period of time. Anybody who is pursuing a date in a town where he/she is not going to be there consistently shows a high indication that they are not serious about relationships and are actually loose (may be hiding a marriage or girlfriend)

    It's difficult to get over the first relationship. It'll be worse if you choose him because it's even more likely to be doomed than other relationships since he'll be leaving soon. Please don't get attached to him.

    If you want to find athletic guys, try going to local areas and find the ones that are semi-permanently staying in the area. Try joining gyms, rock climbing centers, cycling groups, rowing groups, archery ranges, etc.

    Remember to be upfront with the guys if you want a serious relationship. You don't want to get attached to a guy who intends to sleep around. It's also a good thing that you don't put out so soon because it helps eliminates the jerks that pretend to be nice for the first few months.


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  • yes go to the date!

  • well I don't think there's something that should make you not want to go to the date. you can always Skype with him or talk to him on whatsapp pr something.

    • I can't Skype date with him either lol..I'm "dating" and hiding it from my parents because they are from a different country and don't approve of dating. Yet I can chose who I want to marry (long story) so the time he's available to talk is when my parents are at home and I don't want them to walk in on me on Skype and create a scene. I know my life sucks lol