What do you get a girl that you're not yet dating for her birthday?

Hey, so me and this girl have known each other for a while now, friends first and over the last while have been getting closer. I like her and I'm fairly sure she's into me...answers my texts and we have good long convos. Its her birthday soon and I want to get her something nice but not over the top. Just want her to know that I care. We are not dating yet but I intend to ask her out properly face to face the same weekend as her bithday. We live a while away from each other so we Haven't got to see each other in about 7 weeks since college finished up. Anyone else been in the situation? I was thinking a personalised card and bunch of flowers sent to her house? Think it would be a nice surprise for her...maybe let her know that we're not just friends? I dunno?

Guys what would you get?

Girls what would you like to get?

(We are both on the shy side so Haven't really admitted it to each other yet ha)


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  • a funny hallmark card

    • Ya I'm def going to send a funny card...or at least some funny message in it! But I don't want to seem over 'friendly' as its not because we're friends I'm sending her something ya know

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  • a little card or a cookie

  • a gift card to her favorite shop or a pair of good sunglasses. or a big cookie that says happy birthday.


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