How to start dating someone who lives in another city?

What do you do if you can't see the person that often but still want to give it a shot with them?

This guy I like lives in a city far away but I go there a lot for work trips. We hang out when I'm there and last time we kissed, but its always me initiating the hanging out because obviously I have to tell him when I'm in town. I don't want to seem clingy by always asking him out, so what do I do? Would he tell me/show me when he thinks I'm coming on too strong?

And how do you take it slow when its already going at a slow pace cause you only see each other once or twice a month? I'm so tempted to sleep with him but I don't want to rush it and screw things up between us...


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  • I don't think you are going to seem clingy. I would try to tell him how you feel and explain you don't know where to go from there. You like him but know that it is really difficult to build anything since you two live so far away. Ask him what he thinks and hopefully a conversation about your relationship can build from there


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  • I don't think he's going to think you're clingy for saying the way you feel.

    (Clingy is having no dependency of your own and constantly calling,

    texting the person. You give them no room to breath on their own,

    and in return usually they grow tired of you rather quickly)

    You aren't doing this.

    Obviously you enjoy his company and like being around him.

    (That's what I get from this, you aren't clingy).

    He does too, because he accepts your offer(s) to hang out.

    The next time you're in town , tell him that you really enjoy his

    company and you wish you had something more together.

    See how he reacts to this.

    The worse thing he can do is say, he isn't interested.

    And if he isn't that okay, many more will be.

    Rejection is a part of life and shouldn't be taken


    There could be many reasons why he can say no.

    And there could be many reasons why he can say yes.

    But be prepared for whatever answer he's willing to throw at you.

    Whatever you get, at least you know you tried and you didn't

    just let this be a missed opportunity.

    Trying is better than not knowing at all.

  • i think you should just tell him that you want to date him

  • well I don't think you will look clingy, but just tell him you would like for him to show his interest.

  • i think he should have done something to get you guys together if he wanted to