Girls, how can I not be needy?

Hey girls! This is my first post! Seems like an awesome website. Anyeays, I'm 17 and I have a huge problem. I guess you could say I'm needy? I have a few friends that are girls.. First thing, I text them a lot and a lot of the time they don't reply or they reply once or twice. If they don't reply I usually text them again or something. And worry that I did something wrong and made them mad. Its like I love talking to them and could text them 24/7.. ,i constantly need reassurance that everything is fine and if they don't put a smiley or something then I worry also. I'm tired of worrying and ruining relationships.. I worry ill never get married because of this. Please give me all the advice you can on how not to be needy and what you don't like. :) I'm a boy by the way and if the grammar is bad its cause I'm on mobile haha


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  • well just stop texting and let them come to you and try to work on yourslef.


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  • you should just try to think more about the reasons you do things and how they could come across that could make you stop doing needy stuff


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  • Learn to calm yourself down without looking for soothing from other people. If you want advice on that, message me.

    You are obviously looking for more than just casual friendship from these girls. How many are you in love with?

    How many male friends do you have? What activities do you care about other then getting validation from your female friends?

    Do you really think if you make someone slightly mad, and they're really your friend, that you'd lose them that easily? Would you stop talking to one of your friends if they said something wrong?