Online dating help, any guy/girl have any input?

Hi, I met a guy online dating, neither of us have picture up. We have been on 6/7 dates in a stretch of about 2 1/2 months. Both kinda busy. I am still online daily it shows. Him exclusive talk. Just enjoy ea. other. Hang out, make out lol. However not a whole lot of connections between dates. He does contact to inform me about where he is and that we will meet up soon and we do.

Well, two weeks ago he put up one old picture (he sent me) on his online profile and check frequently. Now suddenly he took one off two days ago. now he has no more picture again.

Well, I know why he put up his pictures. I am just wondering why he took them out after only two weeks..if he wants to meet more women, it would make sense to keep them up don't you think?

why do you think he took them out after two weeks?


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  • i agree with you

    • i am asking why do you think he took down his pictures after two weeks lol ?

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  • i agree, I think he took them off because he doesn't want any girl hitting on him

  • yea I agree with that.

    • why do you think he took them out after 2 weeks?