Is this an excuse and should I carry on pursuing?

I've been getting to know this girl through texting/phoning/Facebook for a while now but we haven't met. We've both shown interest and I can clearly see it from her contact.

Although, she wanted me to use FaceTime before I'd take her out, which is understandable.

So I sent her a text saying:

Me - We're doing facetime at the weekend, unless you're too shy

Her - I'm working all weekend babe!

Her - I will FaceTime soon though

I know she was working Friday evening/night but seeing her tweets on Saturday, she was out with a friend for this girls birthday. Why would she say she was working all weekend?

I guess it kind of looks as if she was making up an excuse not to FaceTime me, even though it was her idea, but I guess she could have said she was busy instead?

Would you see this as an excuse? She said she'd facetime soon, is that a good thing and should I pursue it after the weekend? Or should I let her come to me about it?

I feel like I'm chasing a little too much lately, feels a bit tiring and frustrating. Part of me feels like I should sit back and have her contact me, which she has done quite a bit previously.


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  • I think you should give her the benefit of the doubt. She didn't have to say that she would do it soon. If this happens repeatedly, then it would be suspect. I would give it the amount of time you feel comfortable with and contact her if she doesn't contact you first. Her comment is an invitation to ask her later when she might want to do FaceTime.

    • Nice detailed response. I'm busy the rest of today and she has work all week. I'll ask her to tell me when it's best for us to do facetime, as you're right with her not having to tell me she'd use it soon and that it's an invitation when she's free.

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  • keep on pursuing her

  • cool down a little but keep pursuing her.

  • i think yoi should just give her time, maybe she is nervous


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