How often should you see each other and communicate?

I was just thinking about the whole dating thing. When you have been on a first date how often should you see each other afterwards. e.g. date, then once a week for a while or twice, three, four times or more. Or should you take it slow ad see each other once a week for a while or if a guy really likes you would they what to see you as often as possible. Ideas on the timings of things would be great. Also how long does it take for a guy to consider the girl to be his girlfriend?


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  • you should see him about twice a week than gradually see him more he has to think sometimes what your doing so your more of a challenge

    i always say wait till he brings up the whole girlfriend boyfriend thing because guys sometimes feel pressured into a relationship too soon you want to take your time with him I would say a couple months some girls expect a relationship in about 2 weeks this isn't good

  • After a first date, contact a couple of times a week is plenty. You are still in the early stages and it is important that you have time apart so you can do things with your friends and make the bond stronger/miss each other.

    As for dating. Once to twice a week maximum is enough until you are quite a long way in to the relationship/been dating for a few months. At that stage 3-4 times a week is plenty. It is important that you always have space.