Are these good signs he wants me back?

Tuesday June 18,

My ex and I were hanging out ( we have not broken up yet). I picked him up since his sister crashed his car the week before and he was stressed since his parents were fighting and deciding on getting a divorce. He has been stressed lately. We hung out and had our intimate moments but I got sexually frustrated and was just mad and later had to drive him home. We were talking on the way back and he randomly decides to communicate me that for a week and a half he has been thinking of breaking up. I didn't say anything then panic hit me and I basically said if you are thinking of breaking up with me then just do it. He said he wasn't sure but I kept insisting and yelling at him then finally he said we should break up. He begged to meet up with me and to talk about it. I told him why do we need to talk about it if you broke up with me. He still begged and I said no. Then I got in the car he told me to call him or text him when I get home safely. I said I couldn't promise anything. I drove home and when I got home had a text from him asking if I got home safely. I ignored it then he texted me again and it said that he thought I was the most beautiful, sweet, selfless person and he loved me and always will. That he hoped I can forgive him sometime and talk to him again. I fell asleep and ignored the text.

Wednesday June 19th

I pondered and realized I should call him and tell him some things off my chest. I didn't call him til about 4pm. he answered immediately and I asked him if he was willing to tallk and he said meet me in an hour at our usual place. We met at our coffee place. We had awkward conversations finally I told him did he still believe we should be broken up. He said that there is no point in continuing since its inevitable we won't be together. I kinda laughed and said you said that last time six months ago when you broke up with me. He looked confused and asked what else happened since he didn't remember and I pointed out how after he broke up with me he checked up on me the last time and he said and I did that last night. So I gave him three choices: A) get back together with me and work on our relationship B) be on a break and he can figure out what he wants and we can talk about us when he gets back from school. C) nothing.

Well he chose B because he wants to see if I am right.

Thursday and Friday I didn't Contact him.

Saturday June 22

He texted me asking what I am up to. Told him I was thinking of going to the fair, he asked if he can join. He told he would text me if he got the car. Well he forgot to messaged me but I didn't bother him back.

Sunday June 23

He texted me asking if I was at work. I texted later saying that I was off. Never heard from him again.

Tuesday June 25th.

He texted me asking if I worked as a nanny at some place because his friend lives there and saw me and heard that I was talking about some guy ( I was actually talking about him). His ex was meeting up with him and she was my best friend long time

Friday/Saturday July 5/6th

He called me around midnight and talked to me asked if I called him on fourth of the July. I said I did wanted to wish him happy fourth of the July. He was happy to hear that we had conversations about ourselves then he kept bringing up how he woshed that he wasn't going to miss my birthday that he really wanted to be there. (My birthday is July 16th) I told him that is is OK and that I probably be working. He just kept saying how he wanted to be there. He then asked
if I was free I told him when I was free and he says he wants to see me Monday and I agreed. He wants me to contact him more and what not.

Saturday July 6th

He showed up at my place unannounced wanting to hang and see me. He kept saying how pretty I am and touched me. He hugged me a lot and he wants to see me on Monday. I feel I am in uncharted territory.

So are these good signs
Just wed night I couldn't handle it I and him. He called me back and immediately sensed something was wrong and asked me what was wrong. I told him I can't handle the "break" thing and he said what did I mean. I said awful things 2 him but he kept calming me down saying that I needed 2 calm down and that I was having a panic attack. I told him he either needs to break up with me or try 2 figure out this relationship. well he ended up giving me a choice and what he wants is just a break 2 figure things out
I saw his all this weekend b fore he left and we hooked up and now he saying that we will be confused but to be honest I think he is confused he started the sexual teasing first and now he wants to wish me happy birthday tomorrow and asked if he can call me. He said there are no rules to this break, that we we will talk about us in December


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  • yes I think so.


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  • I think he is a little confused, but those are good signs.

    • Like confused om what he wants

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    • Honestly, I am kind of going through this situation right now. Sometimes guys are not too sure what they want their feelings are in conflict. They say one thing and do another. I think you should take a step back and ask yourself if this is what you want right now. I am not saying you guys will not end up together again but at this point in both of your lives is this the smartest decision for you? He is going away, that will further complicate things. Work on your friendship first :)

    • we have been in a long distance relationship for a year and I understand why he is so worried right now but I am hurting I don't want anyone else and I am just not happy anymore and he has been confusing me since he contacts me and says how amazing I am and flirts with me

  • i think they are.