How do I heal my broken heart?

Im in love with my best guy friend

he was my first everything and we dated but we are so much better off as friends, well he thinks that but I'm so in love with him and I have been for 4 years ..and 3 weeks ago he got into a relationship , I knew he was dating her and it was serious but when they got into a rel on Facebook I knew it was over for him and I I deleted him from Facebook and on my phone everything..

since he has written me 3 times and asked if I am mad at him, and again wrote me why I won't awnser, but I've ignored it all

cause it hurts so much to see him happy with her,..

and also being kind of shady he kept joking about how I'm his call girl while he was dating her ..

how do I heal my broken heart?


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  • i would eat a lot of ice cream if I were you


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  • eat a lot of ice cream

  • well try to do stuff to fill your mind