How can black women improve their chances of interracial dating/marriage?

Black women are the least likely to date/marry interracially. But there seems to be a lot of questions from black girls asking about white guys.

The fact is, most white men won't date let alone marry a black woman. It's socially unacceptable. But Hispanic or Asian guys might be more open to it.


And this isn't an offensive question. So anyone who takes offense to this is overly sensitive and overly politically correct


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  • First off, I'm white and I'm fine with dating other races.

    The problem is you are assuming that white guys don't like black women, but it is actually the opposite that is true. I go to a pretty diverse school and some of the black girls I have talked with have said they would never date a white guy, possibly a Latino. I see a lot of white girl/black guy relationships and white guy/ambiguously brown girl relationships. You might like white guys, but a lot of black girls just simply don't.

    • Actually, statistics show white men are the most likely to marry/date interracially while black women are the least likely.

      black women in general are not desirable or are the last option. so, it's not the other way around.

      And there's nothing wrong with white men not wanting black women...white men date Hispanic and Asian women, so I'm not saying they're racist for it

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  • This attitude is probably steeply based in geographical location.

    In Europe, it is definitely common to see inter-racial couples, white guys dating and marrying black girls. It does not draw comment or raised eyebrows.

    Perhaps in the Southern states of America, where racism is still a rampant malignant force this may be the case. But that is by no means the world, or representative of it.

  • This thread is nonsense. I seen inter racial couples all the time! Especially at one of my jobs. And yes that means a white man with a black woman. And vice versa. Who told you that was unnacceptable? I didn't realize society has a rule like that, wow! Speaking as a caucasion, I've gone out with a couple black girls myself. My family could careless.

    Oh and uh guess what? I'm more sexually turned by black girls than caucasion. What can I say? Its all subjective


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  • by not hanging around racists? did you know moses married a black chick?

    • For someone who dislikes my questions and who has never even met a black person, you sure do have a habit of responding to all of my questions.

      And moses and every character from the bible is you know, not real

      And having a preference doesn't make a person racist

    • -i like how ridiculous they are

      -it doesn't mean that they're imaginary cause they're from the bible-attributed magical powers-yes.

      -having preferences-no. considering it unacceptable-yes.

  • Must be a troll question, because you would know that MOST black women don't want white men at all hence why the stats are low. Black women have not only been loyal to black men for as long as I can trace back to, but black women simply don't find white men attractive. We don't want them and we don't try to approach them on the street, as a matter of fact, we go the other route. And you being the troll that you are, you would also know that not every black picture you see online is really the picture of the person spewing nonsense and not everyone who claims to be black is in fact black. It's simple actually. How can there be so many supposed black women online asking about white guys, but yet so many black women ignoring them offline in real life? It doesn't make sense.

  • i don't think they can forc eit or something.

  • I think it is something about confidence, they need to stop doubting men will like them