Should I stop calling and give him space?

me and my ex been together for over 5 years and last year we broke up in November. he made a decision to date a girl below his dating level and moved her in because she had money. now he sees why he shouldn't have done it. he thought that it was fun to have a girl with money. she started dating him with nothing. me and him are getting closer and when we argue he let out more answers than what I was looking for so why is he hurting himself in the heart? he switched different topic with even more helpful answers I was looking for. when he hungup he didn't answer my calls anymore for today I called 6 times or 8 times...should I give him space and wait? he was mad that I was talking to his friend as a friend but he has a chick at home that's paying and buying everything. He even got to get up early in the morning to take her to work when he has to go to work. he even asked his friend where I stayed and everything I did not know he was concerned. he told me he don't care about me and he don't want me but when I get to his heart its another story...what should I do? talking on the phone always leads to arguments ;(


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  • yes I think you should let him cool down.