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So I like this guy and I'm thinking he likes me too, I def feel the chemistry and we had a pretty good connection the other night when we hung out with friends and met. But I saw him on Sunday, with other people, and I noticed him, looked at him, tried to smile but he would never meet my gaze...he's extremely polite and a real gentlemen, PLUS he's shy...so I don't think he's the type to stare...

but here's the thing, once I like a guy, and I feel the connection, what do I do now? I just kind of stall when it could get better and stay in the same spot... it's annoying! I'm super shy, so I have a hard time just going up to guys I like. But if I don't like them, I have no problem...but um, what is the next step? To go farther and possibly have a solid relationship instead of just an acquaintance?

Any advice is good! :)


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  • just get his number and start txting him, things always elevate that way into hanging out often dates etc


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