Girls, rate this first date

Typically, would you consider it a first good date if:

It lasts 10 hours, with most of that being over at his place cuddling/making out/etc on his bed and couching, talking and listening to music

You connected really well about relationship issues, sex, goals for your current relationship, etc

You were a virgin and went further with him physically on the first date than you'd ever gone with any guy before.

You mention a fear of falling in love and a possibility of being just friends in, like, the same breathe

You connect a lot on immediate goals and desires for the next couple of months especially -- a desire to do a LOT of the same stuff, sometimes down to the same events, over the coming few weeks

You sleep over at his place because it's really too late to get home, and you grab breakfast with him before going home the next morning

Mostly, I'm wanting a sort of 1-10 rating, one being restraining order, 10 being you can't imagine it realistically going any better. How excited would you be to continue things / see him again?

Clearly it's good, I just want to hear...HOW good.


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  • i think that is too intense, I would give it a 5

    • So if you did that, and looked back on it, you'd be put off by how intense it was and consider it a solid "meh"?

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    • I'm not saying there's anything wrong with your judgment, but I find it so strange -- if you behaved and felt so intensely, why would you back off? Is it fear of things getting out of control, or what?

    • Same here. That's a bit much for me on the first date. I like to take things slowly.

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  • My first dates never involve me being at the guys house.we have to go out. Maybe it's just me, but I'm turned off when guys invite me to their homes on a date so the rating would be bad, like a 0 because I wouldn't go

    • We started out going out, but ended up back at my place after an hour or so...we got along really well.

      You're essentially not rating the date, then, because it's not something you would participate in, I take it?

  • This is EXACTLY the situation I'm in now. It's great, would rate it an 8.

    Must say that anxiety makes things bad for her, especially if she's keeping her guards up you should just move slow and show her you're there for her.

    • Yeah, she's pretty anxious, and to be honest, I may have ramped it up a bit, as I made a very blunt 'in or out' statement -- "I'm available on 'x' day if she wants to see me again, otherwise...I really hope you enjoy your summer. :)" She did take me up on it, I'm cooking her dinner in a few days.

      Out of curiosity, what would change the 8 to a 9 or 10?

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    • my experience, girls stick around better the more sexual you get with them -- so if you think you might want to get a girl, you should go as sexual as she's comfortable with ASAP, and try to find ways to make her more sexually comfortable.

      Case in point, I just finished my 2nd date with this girl and we did all but intercourse, and she's now really sold on me. Physical intimacy seems, to me, to just make relationships work.

      Thanks for answering, it does give me insight!

    • Hmm well you'll never know how things will work out in the long term when sex has gotten old. I think you might need to know that first, without using sex as a way to keep the relationship fun. I'd get to know her better if I were you, then maybe your interest would subside and you wouldn't even be interested in sex. Or you would be more interested and would have an even better relationship.

  • i think its an 8.5 I like it.

  • it is a 9 because it sounds so nice and special


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