Insecurity with dating, solutions?

I always feel so insecure when I'm dating a guy.. like I need his approval. It's frustrating for me, but also for the guy I guess.. because I won't feel good around him.

Now I'm dating a guy who already wants me as his girlfriend after two dates. The thing is, he hasn't started a conversation with me for two days and I don't know why. Feeling pretty confused, maybe he's taking distance of me so that I can make up my mind about being in a relationship with him. Either way, I feel like I'm the one chasing him! And it's making me insecure.

What should I do about it?

How can I feel less insecure while dating and stuff?

I've never had a relationship, having cold feet is common for me.. I just need more time to make up my mind about him.


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  • i would just see how trustworthy he is ans what can I accept from him.

  • fake security until you achieve it

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