How long is too long to wait for someone to break it off?

There's this girl I've talked for a while by text / facetime before actually meeting her in person. We've probably did it for month or so before meeting, so we actually had some kind of bond before our first ''date'' or whatever you want to call it. It went well in the first date, we talked for like 3 hours and went to watch a movie, leaned heads together, not a kiss to end but good memories.

She admitted a few days later that she was also talking to another guy and that she met him maybe a week before me, and he admitted some feelings to her, and that's why she didn't push for more and open up more during our first date. Anyway, she told me that even though she thought the other guy was kind and that she kissed him, she felt something different with me, something she didn't feel with him. She didn't want to hurt him because she kissed him after he told her his feelings, and now he was kinda hooked.

Anyway, at the time she told me that, she asked me to meet again the next day. It was magical, we went to the lakeside, up a small mountain in the evening, and talked for litterally 6 hours in my car. She reiterated that she knew she would hurt him if she told him that she didn't think of him as truly someone that could bring her happiness (she also told me that he didn't go to college, took drugs and all) and that she knew what she wanted and she could see herself be with me in the long run. Anyway, I didn't plan to make any move until she actually made a move to break it off with the other guy, but at one point, we hugged, and she slowly went for my lips and we kissed. For the rest of the night, we just cuddled a bit and talk to each other, laugh, pure fun.

She told me the other guy knows she's talking to me, but he doesn't know yet she's more into me. I believe her when she tells me she's anxious because she knows she'll hurt him, and I'm willing to give her some time to just look on how to do it and cope with it. She's seeing him tomorrow, and me Sunday, and even though she plans to have some king of talk with him, I'm not sure she'll actually break it off (he's more of a ''either you're with me, or I'm outta yo' life'' kinda guy).

If she doesn't, how long do you think I should give her? I believe her when she talks about her feelings for both of us, but still, it is hard knowing a guy that is madly into her go see her...


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  • the sooner the better, she's not worth it.

    • luckily I didn't listen to that, she did break it off

  • i would give myself a time limit and tell her she should make her mind


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