Should I text him again?

I met this guy on an online website which is free. He's moved here for the last month from a smaller town, because he got a job. Lives about 15 minutes away from me. Anyway, after I sent my pic they guys answers/questions weren't as long as before I sent the pic and the convo was boring. Then I asked to exchange number since I was going to close the site. He gave me his number. I don't think he really puts in an effort to have a conversation. Asks me things but not really there kind of thing.

I told him to call me one night and the next day he msged and said he got tired from work and fell asleep (but he had a online status on pof chat at the time I remember...maybe the app just says "On" who knows)

I told him to call me today, he said sure in a bit. 3 hrs later I text him and he said he'll call then. Did that about 15 min later.

He's a pretty attractive guy and smart too. We talked about 10 min on the phone and then he said he had to do some chores/battery was dying and he sounded tired and also asked if I wanted to do coffee the next day. I messaged him to let him know (next day) that I couldn't do it then and could we re-schedule for thurs. next week... he hasn't replied. I saw that he had read my message, because another message application tells me when he was 'last online'.

I know I'm a smart hardworking person and that is also in my love life. I read books on dating, watched YouTube videos all that sh*t. I've been on four dates from this website in the past year(only four in my entire life with different guys).

Never even kissed I'm 23. And the last date I had about a week ago the guy was a total jerk. Msged me for 3 weeks but then after he saw me in person he talked for about 45 min a then checked his watch and asked me when I was going to meet my friends. He was very attractive and smart too.

I ended up texting him on a different app. Sometimes my phone has issues and people don't get texts. Anyways I texted him again asking if he got the last text and he said he didn't. And then I asked him for coffee if he wanted to again next week and he said yeah. However, he's not putting in an effort to plan the date/say anything else. So I think its better to just leave it than have heartbreak yet again from another date. I've just given up on finding a guy.
If I can't even find one online (where people are more desperate apparently) then I have no chance. (I'm of Indian decent but only attracted to a certain type of white guys). My family will just arrange my marriage and I'll never get to date or feel love like a normal person born and raised in the west.


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  • You need to relax and stop forcing it. He doesn't seem very interested and you seem to be nagging him.

    • Yeah I suppose, I just really want I guy I like so bad. But what can I do really, I've tried SOO hard and then not tried. I guess its not meant for me, like I'm 23, went through college and still couldn't even get a date. I put effort into my looks and dress well and I am nice. Ugh I just give the f*** up.

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  • no, don't text him again

  • no stop trying to force things and stop making an effor it he doesn't text back.