If dating both married is wrong?

i met this guy we are both married, but I know men just go for sex, we have a good sexual chemistry. however from the beginning he told me he is married and I told him I'm married too. we have message everyday since we met. I don't want to feel attached to him and we have somehow broken up but he said he is not in a rush. what can I do?

No I'm not in an open marriage but I'm very young for my husband my husband is almost 70 and I'm 38. We haven't had sex for almost 3 years and I think I'm wasting some valuable time. He doesn't want to give the divorce and in addition I would like to have a baby.
how can I put this into characters.. we don't have an open marriage however my husband knows that I want to have a baby and he agrees. we are not swingers and this relationship sort of happen. I think I don't have a marriage anymore just the fact of companioship since my husband is a foreigner.. I'm not happy in my marrige I married against my will in order to please my parents. they do not agree on free union


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  • Do you have an open marriage? Are you and your husband swingers? Is your husband aware of you dating another man? Is he OK with you dating anther man?

    If yes to any of the above questions, Then no, It is not wrong.

    If you are in a monogamous marriage, then Yes, it would be wrong.


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  • Are you asking us if having an affair is wrong?



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  • yes of course its wrong.

  • it is wrong