Guys, can you help me get this guy?

There is a guy that works in a shop near me and he's really cute. I have crushed on him for a couple weeks now and the other day I mentioned him to my coworker and she apparently knows his boss really well. She texted his boss and asked if he was single. His boss said he would pass my phone number and name along to the guy.

Well it's been a few days and no text. My friend said it's unlikely that he'll text me seeing that he has no idea who I am.

I don't want to come off crazy or desperate, but what can I do to get his attention? Should I call it a lost cause or should I go talk to him or something?


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  • just make sombody go to the a same thing or event and have that person introduce each other, then flirt


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  • Have a third party introduce you that way it may not be so awkward.

    • Yup, this sounds like a good idea. ^

    • But what about the fact that I've already had this failed now he knows my name and everything. Will that not be weird?

    • I wouldn't let that impede your progress with him. When you

      Meet him just be friendly, charming etc...then give him

      Subtle hints your interested in him. Good luck to you.

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  • just go up to him and chat him up if it doesn't work then you can just ignore him.

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