Question: is she interested? goes.

So, I met this girl on a online dating site and she was interested in meeting me, so we planned a date. During it, she showed interest through:

A) Body language (our legs were touching)

B) Her facial expressions (she would stare at me with a big, wide smile)

C) Sexual references (in a very flirtatious way.)

D) Saying she was available next week to meet again.

After the date, she kissed me on the lips. I kissed her again on the lips.

It was probably the best date I had in 3-4 years. Every other date I've been on the girl liked me, I didn't like her, or vice versa. My experience has been one of a desert.

I texted her today and she said when she got back last night the apartment she is in flooded but things were back to normal (she's moving). I told her I could cheer her up and sent her a casual flirt, but haven't heard back. I also asked her if she liked a phone call or text better, but haven't heard from her, either.

I think this is sort of weird, and my gut is telling me something is up. Normally she does respond to texts, so I'm wondering if she's having second thoughts...I don't know. Things seemed to go great, but again, it was only the first date. I don't know if I offended her but she was bringing up sexual references on our date, so I don't think she's a prude (and my casual flirt was nothing gross or anything like that.)

I don't want to come off as "clingy", so how long should I wait to text about next week's proposed getting together? She's in her early 20's and I'm in my mid 20's.

Ugh, dating in a big city blows lol.


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  • yes she obviously is


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  • yes she sobviously flirting. she's interested


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  • Relax anything more that you do will come off as clingy and worried. A girl thinks what she does or doesn't do is just common knowledge obviously it is not. lol. But regaurdless of just her comming right out and telling you what she is thinking or not. One thing is you already dated she showed interest right ? Well that is all she needs to do. Now man up and wait. Be confident that all is well. Until you find out differently.

    She is having some obvious issues (or lying) But trust she is not.

    She got your messages now play it cool. Better yet be cool. Take things exactly how they are and accept it. if she comes around then you will be ready for her. A woman wants a rock! NOT a rock wearing her down, OK?

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