Guys: Please confirm to me that he is bidding me farewell?

We dated but stop dating because of time/distance/committment issue.

I already open the door for him to come back to just play.

He took a few days and wrote back that he is sorry that he took a long time and that he will know if he got a job in a couple of day :) (he is working a job and an internship, I guess 70 hours a week). I texted that I hope he got it and gave him recruiting information. I told him that I think he is doing an amazing job going toward his goal (job) because my friend is struggling after graduating from an ivy league university.

He wrote back he wishes me as well and that he is glad we met. He also wanted me to know "both of us will make it as far in life as we want. :) "

I have been getting reply that this is a farewell gesture. Can I assume that I will never hear back from him again? Should I reply?


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  • i think he is

  • yes I don't think he wants to keep on talking with you

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