Best course of action for girl who seemed interested, not contacted this week?

So I've been flirting with this girl that I haven't met through text, Facebook and phoning and she's shown interest and responded playfully back.

I wanted to take her out and meet up, but she wants us to do FaceTime first, which I think is the right thing. But I'm confused with what to do, she's been acting hot and cold but I have a feeling it's because I have been too (so I don't appear too keen)

Anyway, I'll bullet point this in order:

- I send her a text "I want to talk to you but this dumb security guard won't let me into the zoo... any chance of you escaping? x". She replies "Oo oo ah ah ah ?"

- 3 days later I text "We're doing facetime at the weekend, unless you're too shy". She responds "I'm working all weekend babe!" then a 2nd text "I will FaceTime soon though". She was working Friday/Sunday evening and went to a friends 21st on Saturday.

- On Sunday afternoon I ask on twitter about what are those smiley face things. She replies on there with "???????? ???????" (if you can't see it's them emoji things, blowing kisses, etc)

- On the Monday I text "Busy today but tell me when you're free to do FaceTime x" and she responds "I'm working all week but should be free Friday". (I saw on Facebook she turned down her friend due to work commitments). I reply "Okay"

- So it's Friday 5pm and I text her a jokey opener "Aliens are coming to abduct all the handsome sexy people, so you'll be safe... just texting you to say goodbye ??"

I've had no reply since. Although I saw later that evening she got tagged in a picture outside with her two girl mates, but then about 11pm she started tweeting to a few people and she was online on Facebook chat..

I'm not sure how to approach this. I feel like I may have been giving off mixed signals myself, which is why I haven't heard from her since Monday..

Should I get on with other things and wait for her to initiate? Or should I wait a few days and be direct with her saying I want to get to know her and not play games.

Or should I wait a few days and just text "just met your twin! You okay?". I don't want to seem clingy though, my gut says not to send another but part of me thinks the text I sent didn't warrant a reply? Then again if she was interested, she'd get in contact.

What you guys think, best option?


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  • She is a flake or otherwise preoccupied with other men.

    • From what I've seen she isn't the sort that does that, she's constantly hanging out with her girl mates and gay guy mates, she parties and works quite a bit. But yeah, she seems to flake. I'll wait it out then remove her.

    • Sounds like a plan. I wouldn't spend much time on her.

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  • just put more effort and call her or text

  • Call instead of text

  • i think you should talk an put more effort into the relationship

  • You both seem flaky and like you're trying to say something other than what you want to say. If youwant to know what's going on with her, just ask bluntly.

    • This was my gut feeling, seems like we're both trying to not act too keen and it's going nowhere.

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