Why does he bring up a relationship every time he's drunk?

He's my guy friend and I like him but he doesn't know it. It seems that every time he's drunk he either texts me or sends me an instant message bringing up a relationship in some way. Every time, he messages me out of the blue: usually while I'm asleep.

The first time it happened, he texted me "Wow, you're f***ing beautiful."

The second time, he messaged "I think I looooooove you! We should date." (the excessive o's made it obvious he was being silly/not serious)

Third time (last night), he messaged me and said "So why did that guy in WalMart call us a cute couple when we went? I know I'm adorable but that was awkward."

So what's the deal? I don't really know how alcohol works haha, so I'm not sure why it's bringing this out of him. His last message suggests he's not open to a relationship, but what do you guys think?

Oh and I highly doubt he's booty calling me. We live in different cities (he goes to college where I live, but he's home for the summer).

I asked him about it; he said he's been thinking about a relationship with me, but he's scared. Thanks for your answers!


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  • This has happened to me. I asked this similiar question and people told me that a drunk mans words are a sober mans thoughts. But I honestly don't know. I never really bought it anyway. See if he brings it up when he is sober. Or maybe you could ask him about it when you see him and he is sober if you are indeed interested

    • Yes, a drunk man's words are a sober man's thought.

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  • i think he likes you but doesn't have the balls to say it sober.

  • I think he likes but doesn't have the confidence to say it when he is sober.

  • Liquid courage, of course. Alcohol takes away a lot of inhibitions.

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