Is he playing hard to get or he's just not interested?

Ok, this is the deal. I met this guy a few weeks ago in a party. We have been dating, but since we don't live in the same city, we can't see each other too often. However, he came to visit me to go out and for my birthday. The thing is that since the birthday party, he barely have sent me any messages (and if he does, it's because I have texted him first). Now he's in town and he haven't made any suggestion of seeing us. He always talk about how good time he's spending with his friends and stuff like that

Honestly, I think he's just not interested, which is okay. We are not boyfriend/girlfriend, we have just dated but why just don't say it? I'm a big girl, I can take it. Anyway, I would want to see what you think about this


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  • i think he's not interested but he still wants you to be one of his options

    • thank you for the honesty! I'm not being sarcastic. It's true. I've been thinking that but everyone says I'm too pessimist

    • you are welcome.

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  • I would just leave it the way it is untill he msges you.

  • i think he is not interested in a good way

    • how so? you think he does not have good intentions?

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