What to do with this girl? (Warning: LONG)

So I have liked this girl for 9 months of the 12 we've been friends. We hit it off great and spent so much time together in school. When school got out last summer, we spent more and more time together. We talked about going out for the summer and never actually made anything out of it. We had a big fight at the start of the school year (Her being a freshman in college, me being a junior in high school), and that caused us not to talk for a month. In which time she met a guy and started dating him, lost her best friend for a bit, didn't eat as much, and then started dropping her grades. When we started talking again, I heard about all this and tried to be supportive of her new boyfriend. But I was strict about the grades, that was our agreement between each other. We'd try our best in school and if everything went well in school, we could try dating throughout the school year. Shortly after we started talking again, her grades got better and she started eating better. Her boyfriend cheated 3 months in and they were done. Then his best friend dated her for a week a week after the break up. Before school started, she'd been single her whole life. She's 19, 20 in August, a virgin, and has strong morals. I'm 17, 18 in October, a virgin, and I also have strong morals. We share beliefs on so many things, and agree with each other a lot. There are a few arguments every now and then, but nothing we can't handle by talking it out. We've moved on from all our argument and fights, and are stronger because of them. But whenever we try to get closer together, someone else comes along and she gets infatuated with them. In March she hooked up with another guy she met through her last exes friend, they're still dating now.

But here's the catch. Last time we hung out at her house, I was helping her with the dishes, and she brought up her relationship. She said "B and I are doing great. He's so funny and sweet. He reminds me a lot of you darling. But he's not the same. You can make me happier and more comfortable. I also trust you more, but something about B just seems right to me. I'm very serious about this." And I'm there just nodding and saying "Yeah, I bet kitten." When she's done saying how he makes her happy too, she says "You know what I think Alexander? I think so many people just find someone they like a little and blow it up to something big. And when they do that, they change their mind and leave behind something else that could've been better. Because if they already have someone, they shouldn't just leave if they found someone better or found out they like someone else more."

And I turned to look at her when she said that, slightly insulted by what she said. But I didn't say anything rude, I just said "Oh? And what do you mean exactly?" I tried to sound curious and not mean.

She replied, "Well I mean like if they're dating someone else already. They shouldn't cheat or lie about their feelings with someone just because they found someone else. That's what R did to me after 3 months, and it was just rude and he was completely an a**hole about it." I nod and keep drying the dishes. I asked why she brought that up and she looked at me and smiled. She changed the subject and said the rest of the dishes could wait.
We went to her basement and watched the first Sherlock Holmes movie. At the end, she asked me to dance with her. Now she normally dances alone and provocatively, but she said this was a slow dance. So we slow danced to the ending music of the movie until it was over. Strange dance music, but I wasn't complaining. She complimented me saying I have gorgeous green eyes, and I returned it with she's got an amazing smile, which she had on at the time.
She's only said that once before when we wrestling in her basement before and I let her pin me to the ground. Both times she's had that light tone to her voice. When the music stopped, I asked about what she said before and asked why she added the dating part specifically. She put her head on my shoulder and ignored the question. I let it slide, not wanting to start a fight. After dinner, we were alone at her house and she said she was getting hot.


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  • i think she likes you but the other guys are agressive or show her good things that make her feel likes she's really special in a short period that's what makes her like them. you already know her a long time so she doesn't see how you are as good or even better than the other guys. she jus feels like she can find other guys and then have you as a friedn and something safe. like you will always be there for her. if she tries to be with you you might change your mind and then leave her, she mist be scared


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