Too intimidated to date online after this, advice?

So I went on that pof website last year got my first few dates from there ever, I'm 23..its sad actually. Anyways, most of the guys were jerks/boring. I gave it another try this year...still haven't had my first kiss. This guy was a jerk. Now I 'met' another guy but he agreed to go out with me and doesn't seem very interested, isn't texting me or anything anymore but agreed to do something tomorrow. No time/or place is set...I guess I would have to message him to do that.

Anyways, he is someone who is way out my league. I know he wants a relationship but is willing to meet new people because he just moved to my small city lol

However, after he told me sry for the late replies (when we intially started talking) it got me today I went on that website but checked it out from the other perspective. I look at the girls profiles that live 25 miles within my area to see my competition. I was SHOCKED. Most of them are pretty good looking girls, have proper jobs all that. There are a few single moms, very curvy girls and that stuff but for the most part girls my age and they are working it in their pics lol.

Now I don't want to go on any dates at all unless I get A MASSIVE MAKEOVER.

Don't get me wrong I do straighten my hair, which then poufs up an half hour lately thanks to humidity and I do wear make up and stuff but I don't look like a model, and I'm about 20 lbs overweight and do exercise regulary though. I'm okay with my curves. 36 DD. and a booty (not big but normal size curves lol)

My confidence is like super low after seeing the competition, how can I overcome this having no dating or physical experience?

thanks for the advice. However, the guy I was talking to and who I tried to arrange a date now just stops responding and it shows he's read my msgs. :( I just want to give up on dating.


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  • Competition doesn't really mean that much. Your personality and character overrides physical characteristics for what really matters in a relationship. If you can be an outgoing and positive person interested and passionate about things you like and willing to give some of your time to help others, you will outshine your competition in what counts. The guy will need to meet you to see all that you can offer as a friend and potential partner. You should try to be yourself and not try to lose your identity in another person. Stand strong, expect respect and be generous to those who earn your respect. These are character traits that outshine the physical. You are young and much more attractive than you imagine, I am sure.

    Here is a positive video to enjoy given to a college graduation class. link


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  • i think you should just get out there even if you don't feel confident maybe it could help you

  • use hair silk and it won't pouf. and if you are confident and have a good personality you don't need to be afraid of competition.