Should I text him or wait?


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Should I text him, it's been 4 days now?

am 17 and my boyfriend is 16.

We have been dating for 3 months I think, and well he hasn't been around all summer and we have to communicate by text which sucks oh my god it sucks so bad I hate texting...

Anyway, he acts distant and what not, and then he comes back. Which I really don't mind anymore, its fine with me. I can also sense when he is tired.

We don't really act affectionate anymore though, and I wonder if its because its over text or what not. He used to be really sweet and stuff over text, and while we talk now its not even a good night its just "night"

I tried seeing if it was me... but he still isn't really changing, I don't know if its just normal or what.

At first I thought he was losing interest in me...but he still texts me and all so I guess not.

I tried being nice and apologizing today to him for passing out the past couple nights cause I was tired and I didn't mean to leave him hanging just to show I'm considerate and not totally oblivious, it just sorta got blew off thoug

He doesn't say I love you anymore either, and he was the one who started saying it in the first place and crap.

I dunno...I don't mind not talking to him but its annoying when he texts me but then doesn't have much to say. maybe he changed over the summer I have no clue.

I haven't been very affectionate back, because I don't want to seem clingy and I'm not sure what to do.

We are sorta friends but also in a relationship, its our first relationship. I'm not insecure I can live with or without them, and I really don't need them constantly or to talk about them constantly or whatever.

I also accept no fellow to be perfect or a prince charming at all, I see us as humans with emotions that need to be fulfilled on both sides.

I'm just stuck right now, and can't tell if he's still interested or not, and just really busy and tired. I also want to tell him I miss him and ask when he'll be back but I don't want to be clingy sounding?

Opinions please?

Or is it his age being immature?

And I'm out of sight out of mind?

Should I text him or wait? It's been 4 days


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  • Just ask him what's going on. You have every right to ask and know.


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  • It's not immature at all, I'd say it's pretty normal you want to know when he gets back and that you miss him, you are in a relationship after all, even though it's not all great. I think you should ask him what is going on, how he feels about the relationship, don't be afraid to text him or to sound clingy, just say what you think and ask what you want :-)

    If you do decide to ask him what's going on or whatever, could you say how it goes ? thanks

    Good luck :-)

  • i would just text him and act normal

  • i don't think it will look clingy if you act normal when you ask. just call him on the phone.

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