Why go through all this trouble....


I'm on this dating website and there's a thing that I can't understand...

I start chating with aome girls...then everything is going good... and from no where they stop replying... OK they could have found someone better, I guess.

But what drives me crazy is when they accept going on a date with me they get my number send me a message so I can get their number.. . we chat then they just spot replying. ... seriously? ! Wtf! If you don't want to go on a fking day why go through all this trouble? !


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  • If what you are doing isn't working, you need to change it. If you have the same thing happen over and over again, change what you are doing. You do come across as pushy. If you ask for date, set a date for that. I absolutely hate it when a guy says we should hang out and then doesn't make specific plans. Or wants me to plan it all. And I did do some online dating. And so many guys would say we should meet and then never step up and plan something. I did meet every single guy who took the time to plan something specific, even if I was seeing someone else at that point already. Less than half of the guys that asked if I wanted to meet up and hang-out ever actually came up with a specific time and place.

    • But I do I come up with everything ... But they keep pushing it to some other day and it gets tiring at some point... The only thing I can think. Is that they probable found someone more compatible with them...

    • I don't know then. I have noticed that some people on online sites are reluctant to go offline.

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  • If this is a pattern, you're probably turning them off and making them change their minds.

    You seem like you might be pushy or overtly aggressive. Even if you don't directly push, we can often sense a guy who's seething underneath with frustration

    • But that's the funny part , I don't push them and I'm not being aggressive , all I do is ask them how they are doing , I even share some funny jokes to make them comfortable ... And I don't insist on the date I let them come up with it ... I don't think I need to remind them about it ...

      That's why I'm a little confused..

      So how should I act? After inviting them should I go nc and wait for them?

  • i would say that your game is not good

    • I think you just helped me come up with the answer ... Not because my game is not good ... But because I don't play games. So probable I should?...

  • if there are a lot of these girls then you must be doing soemthing wrong. maybe you talked way too forward after they accept to go on the date or you were too pushy with taht too

    • I don't , after they accept it , I just send normal message to keep in touch like : how was your day ?

      Stuff like that ... And I don't keep asking for the date ...

      Should I got nc after they give me their number. And wait for them to contact me ?

    • well afer they give it wait 2 days or so then call them to ask them out or soemthing

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  • You do something to put them off. Probably you come off too keen or something like that.

    • Like I said on the top comments ... If was doing something like that I would be happy because I would know what the problem is ... But that's the problem ... I'm not pushing , I'm not aggressive ... That's why I can't understand it. ...

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    • You can't even answer my basic questions? is it because you know that you're going to give the wrong answers?

      How far in the future do you make the first date? How many texts do you send them before that date? How often?

    • Well I think I did . But I will try to make it more clear.

      I make the first date +- after 2 weeks of chatting.

      Total around +- 10

      I send one or two but I don't send it everyday .

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