Guys: Is he losing interest, getting comfortable or taking it slow?

So I've been seeing this guy for 3 weeks... he's great and was in what felt like constant contact for the first two weeks... now he only msgs me 1-2 times a day and doesn't really get deep into convo or ask me about my day... When I'm with him I know he likes me, he tells me that he really likes me and doesn't mind waiting (b/c while we fool around I haven't slept with him) and he spent his 4th of July with me and he has a tooth brush for me etc. Were not in a relationship or exclusive.. I actually found out (without snooping) he was going to take a girl I know out on a date this week, and I asked him if he could cancel that because I know her and he had no problem doing that. He takes me out on Saturday nights and to nice places and always makes a future plan on our date... But at first we were going on two dates a week and talking a lot now it's only once a week... I know he just got out of a very serious relationship not to long before meeting me and prob doesn't want to rush things... What can I do that would make him want to become exclusive (I dated other guys over the past 3 weeks and I'm over it...). I won't sleep with him until I know he's not dating other women but I don't want to put pressure on him either... We have our 6th date coming up and he's taking me out for a really nice dinner and were prob going to have a sleep over again... Is my not sleeping with him now (before we've become exclusive) going to drive him closer to me or away? What should I do, I really like him and he really likes me but waiting for sex to long has ruined things in the past as had having sex too soon...



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  • Six dates, no sleep together?

    I'd have given up after date #2.

    He's got to give up all his other girls before you'll sleep with him?

    Give up reliable established sex partners for promise of possible sex partner? I'd say fugetaboutit.

    I'd drop you in a minute, I'd feel manipulated, controlled, that you are trying to make me your husband when we are both single, that you are asking me to take all the risk while setting things up to be done your way. You would seem selfish to me. I would conclude that you would withhold sex to get your own way constantly in the relationship.

    Your not sleeping with him now (before we've become exclusive) going to drive him closer to me or away?

    It would drive me away, I don't know about him.

    I suspect woman will react differently and will say keep it up.

    Maybe you want to do a poll?

    • Easy anonymous user, calm down, you are not being attacked. I'm telling you how I'd feel, not saying one word about you. Nothing in above says anything about you. It is all about me.

      Why do you go for personal attacks, when I spent about 20 minutes writing a comment in an effort to help you? I really tried to avoid saying *anything* about you, and tried to give you a candid reflection of what one man would think.

      BTW, the condoms do just fine in avoiding the STD's.

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    • lol... I'm also nervous because there are things I still don't know about this guy (or figured out but he hasn't personally told me, big things like a divorce) & while I'm not at all trying to manipulate him into marriage I do want a relationship & honesty & openness are important.. I don't like sex with out being in a relationship... I've had my share of manipulative guys whom acted like they were on the same page as me just to sleep with me... it works both ways & I just don't want to get hurt...

    • It's not manipulation if I do plan on sleeping with him if & when things are right.. Waiting is just me being protective of my own emotions & feelings and making sure I don't form deeper feelings before he's ready to... while he and I have def plans for sat I haven't herd from him since Monday... Chances are he has been on other dates in this time... If he was contacting me more and made a plan to see me during this week too (b/c he missed me that much) I would be sleeping with him sat night.

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