Will a guy text a girl back if he likes her no matter what he's up to?

I've been dating this guy for around a month now. We are busy so we only see each other once a week usually. When we're together it seems like things are great. We're still a little shy, but I love spending time with him and he seems to really enjoy his time with me.

I know he doesn't like texting... I asked. I'm a big texter and I wanted to make sure I didn't overwhelm him. Tonight, I sent him a funny joke message that I figured he'd totally respond to... he never responded! I know he doesn't like to text... but if you really like a girl, wouldn't you reply?

I'm probably over analyzing it. Does it seem like this won't work out? I don't know how to find a middle ground. I'm afraid things will end if I say something.

He just went on a trip this last weekend and didn't have service at all. When he got back though he texted me right away! He still hasn't asked to see me. Maybe I should ask him? I'm worried we don't have as much chemistry when we're away from each other... we have chemistry when we're together though.


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  • Personally, I'm like him in that I'm not a huge fan of texting. However, if I was dating a girl and she texted me, I'd certainly respond as soon as I saw the text. It's possible that his phone's battery might have died or that he was out of the service area and had no cell reception, so I'd give him the benefit of the doubt this time. But if you care about him and want things to work out, you might should call instead of texting. However, I wouldn't cater to his dislike of texting too much, if he doesn't care about you enough to at least do some texting when he knows that you like texting, you might be better off without him.

    • Thanks! That's a really good answer and a good point. It's not that I'm excessive with the messages. I just like staying in contact. I shared a joke... one text for the whole day. You're right, maybe I should call. Calling seems odd though! I don't think I know him well enough to be honest. In person, we can talk about anything... but calling seems needy haha. Maybe I'm wrong! I guess I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for now. I bet he'll text me tomorrow. I just wish he'd text back sooner.

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  • no because I could be busy

    • what if it's a whole day later and still nothing?

  • "Will a guy text a girl back if he likes her no matter what he's up to?"

    NO. He will answer when he is good and ready, and that can take hours.

    "if you really like a girl, wouldn't you reply?"

    No. You might reply eventually, but a meaningless banal instant reply just because she sent you something that didn't require a response? No.

    • oh, well I guess that's good to know then, right? So it doesn't mean that he doesn't like me...

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  • guys are not like girls are about texting, I think thye will answer when they can or when they are able too

    • what if they never reply..?