I don't kiss him. I just peck. I don't think I like kissing my bf...

been going out since June 7th it's been one month since we officially been together. Known him for about 2-3 months.

I don't think I like kissing my boyfriend. I'm not sure? I'M VERY SHY Usually but I can't bring myself to make out with him or kiss him longer than 3 pecks. So I'll give him small kisses (one on the lips, or on the cheek or neck or both) he tries to make out and passionately kiss me, but I can't bring myself to do it. Is it bad?

I'm 23. He's 22. I've made out before with two different guys (different relationships) when I met him I only had sex with one guy my entire life and then we recently started sleeping together.

The sex is alright. I'm a bigger girl, he's a skinny guy so it's 'awkward' but it's not bad. I like him. I just feel weird because I don't like kissing him and then we both feel like we rushed into sex so now we're taking a break from that part of the relationship

but he's a sweet person, he's good to me, always trying to introduce me to family, friends etc..

What can I do? Is this bad? is my subconcious trying to tell me I don't want to be with him?


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  • yeah its bad, you should want to kiss him if you ar ein a relationship.


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  • If you don't like kissing him, then there's something wrong in your relationship/.

    • Yeah, ... I came to that conclusion and we ended up going our separate ways after a hard talk.

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  • its bad, if you like him you should really do it.

  • i think you should be kissing him more, you need to practice and tell him what you like and what you don't like