Is it weird to meet a guy at the mall?

So I'm a 16 year old girl. I rarely go to the mall, and on the rare occasion that I went, I met this really cute guy in the food court while I was waiting to get lunch. We started talking and since we were both alone (our families weren't with us) we decided to wander the mall together. We went into every store and just looked around. He helped me choose a birthday present for my dad, and then we made plans to Skype some time (since he didn't have a cell phone).

It's only been a week since that happened, and although we haven't seen each other since then, we've Skyped multiple times every day since. I'm going over to his house on Sunday and we're going to hang out in his town for a while. Since we've already made plans to see each other again, and we decided we really do like each other after many long talks over Skype, we decided it was safe to say that we're in a relationship. We are in a technical sense "dating" because we're going to go on a date on Sunday, and many more to come hopefully.

Is it weird that we met each other at the mall? And is it weird that we're in a relationship after only a week?


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  • No, it's not weird that you met this guy at a mall because a girl can meet a guy in any number of situations or circumstances. The fact that you both connected and liked each other right away has to do that your personalities complemented each other as well as what you each find attractive in the opposite sex. So none of this is weird. You're actually lucky to have met him because this could turn out good for both of you. Hanging out at his house is a good idea for a second time to hang out together. I wouldn't be too quick about going to hang out in his town just the two of you since you hardly know him. I assume he's about your age or age group because if he was like 18 or older I'd not like any of this other than the fun you had that one day at the mall so take that into consideration. I would make certain that things go great at his house before ever considering going to town with him because you have no idea what this could lead to or where he'd end up taking you. So play safe by MAKING SURE he comes from a nice family that's concerned about the girl he just met and is taking precautions about his trip into town with you... as far as where he's going and what time they can expect him back. Don't take chances because you can always to into town with him another time. It's also not weird that you're in a relationship after only a week, but don't start tying yourself down as if he's the guy of your dreams until you know him much better. Talk is cheap but by his actions you'll learn what he's all about. Give him a chance to express what he's all about by what he does... the way he treats you when alone or at his home, or with his friends. Make sure he respects you too and honors your boundaries. Good luck!

    • He is my age, and it's funny that you say not to go into town with him, because the other answer recommended that I do so. I've been to the town he's from many times because that's one of the 'cities' closest to me, so I'll be okay in town (I think). I talked to his dad while him and I were on Skype and his dad sounded like a really nice guy. From what he's told me both parents seem to like me and are happy for the both of us. I always take precautions even when I've known the guy for years.

    • Nooo I didn't say not to go into town with him, but wait until you got to know his family better and him too. You've added a lot more information in this comment of yours. So since you've had a chance to talk with his dad and both parents like you and all that sounds fine, plus you being so familiar with his town, then that changes what I said about being extra careful. However, it's always good to go slow when forming a relationship. You can never slow down once you've gone fast. Good luck!

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  • It's not weird at all. That's quite romantic in a sense.

    • How's that romantic? haha, I haven't really heard that before.

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  • Dont go to his house , I strongly suggest not to go. You can never know this guy enough to do are only sixteen.

    • He's only sixteen too. We're going meet at his house, and then we're going out into town. Probably going to see a movie or go bowling.

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    • Awww thanks. I appreciate that you care :)

    • :) you are welcome:)

  • No, I met my boyfriend there

  • no, not at all, it is a pretty normal place to meet people

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