Dating an overconfident (maybe even narcissistic) guy, can't handle it, is it better to break up?

I've been dating this guy for a month now and I've just got to the point where I would start to develop emotions towards him. But the problem is that he is too confident and a bit obsessed with himself and it is very difficult not to become insecure around him. He calls me everyday, calls me beautiful, compliments all the time, shares a lot about his life with me, wants to know everything about me etc. so I really don't have a reason not to trust him. But I started to feel an overwhelming frustration and insecurity about him that It has become extremely uncomfortable by now that I'd just like to finish it completely. but when we discussed this he said he didn't want to make me feel this way and feels terrible about himself. I also take it into consideration that he might just really tried to impress me, and it just gone too far. I'm about to dump him but somehow I don't feel it is fair on him. Has anyone experienced similar problems before? Is there a solution?or people like us (that one of them feels the desperate need to show off all the time, and this makes the other really uncomfortable and insecure in the relationship?) should never date each other?


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  • i think it would be better to break up actually. he won't change at all, even less if you want him to change for yourslef instead of for him.


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  • There is no cure for narcissism. If you can't handle it break up with him, or learn to deal with it.

  • yes, break up because you won't change him

    • I know but I also think that it is a bit judgmental and in general, a bit discriminatory againts people with mental health problems! I also think it is a bit unfair on him cause he doesn't do it on purpose. He just doesn't realize it.