What should about my situation?

Okay so basically me and this girl have been fighting for quite some time now. What I did for us to fight I have been trying to aplogize and make things right and she has just been acting so rude to me every time and told me we can't be friends and, to leave her alone. So basically last night I was thinking about everything and I called her and left her a message saying that I'll respect her choice of us not being friends cause I'm tired of trying and being hurt and seeing her hurt cause of it and that I wished her happines and that I couldn't give it to her and what bond we had was great and wouldn't trade it for the world and I was crying the whole time I said this. Well I texted her today and asked if she understood and was okay and she said this.

She said that she was not okay to be honest with me and that her and her boyfriend broke up and that she thinks she finally understands me a little because she got a taste of her own medicine. She was sorry for all she put me through when all I have done is try to aplogize and make things right between us and that her acting like a bitch for too long is finally catching up to her.

The guy she was dating was an a**hole trying to get into her pants and what I don't get is that they never annouced them dating and if she went and did stuff like with her family or had special events like her 21st birthday or partys he would never be there they never took pictures of each other when you think if your in a relationship you would take pics and hang out with each other at all times I know that they had to sneak around to hang out with each other but basically why does she do this when I finally leave her that message and she does this. What should I do give her the cold shoulder. I want too but I don't want to regret because I still care for her but I'm angry for what she did and just said... I know she is very upset and she told me she doesn't want to talk to anyone so I'll give her space but what do you think?


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  • i think you should just let her make up her mind

  • i think that you should keep away from her for now and she is she makes an effort now


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