Could he be using me??

i have been used/dumped randomly a lot lately and I'd like to have a real relationship and I think I've found a good guy. the problem is he has a bad reputation and he hooks up with a lot of girls. I don't care what he's done in the past-all I care about is what he does when he's with me. we went on one date and at first I believed he was like my ex, a player, but he really proved me wrong and didn't mind being near his friends with me, he introduced us and everything. we hung out in public. after the date, he changed his relationship status from being married to this girl to being single. he also tried bringing me home on the first date, where I would have had to meet his parents. the second time we hung out was at his house, where I did meet his parents. but, inbetween dates he went to a lot of parties and took pictures with a lot of girls, only posting one online though. and he also likes a lot of girls pictures on Facebook and even commented on one saying that she was looking good. I know we're not officially in a relationship, its only been two dates lol, but he claims he's not talking to other girls and that he likes me. from what other guys told me, he considers me special because I met his parents, but I just don't want to be used because he just asked me to go to second base with him, which I have no problem doing. however, I don't want him tricking me into thinking he likes me when all he wants is sex.


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  • I would say that you should be very careful, I know its hard but try not to fall too hard for him. By that I mean keep it in the back of your head he could be playing games, that way if he is at least you had a clue. Just because he was a player in the past doesn't necessarily mean he can't be in a relationship, yet that could be all he knows. It could go either way, just be careful. good luck! :)


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  • you should be more observant, try to see his real intentions, but I would advice you to not give out so much

  • well jsut try to se ehow he acts from now on. don't be too giving until you get security.