It's his birthday, my ex, we are off and on, I'm cligny, do I text him tomorrow or right at 12 for his birthda

we just fought recently, I'm trying to give him his space. do I text him immediately at midnight or wait like later during the day or on the 22nd, to wishhim a happy birthday.


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  • Wait until tomorrow. Texting him right at 12 is clingy and also a little creepy. Lol You should text him on his birthday, not after. But you shouldn't do it right at 12 in my opinion.

    • hahaha, I guess it was OK when we were dating...

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    • okay then why don't you just cut all ties with him and move on? If you know he doesn't care about you then stop wasting your time dealing with him. Find someone who will care about you.

    • I've tried. He comes back or I feel guilty

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  • I think you should wait more

  • wait more wait till the afternoon.

    • he won't see it til tomorrow night then, he'll be partying til probably the morning, knowinghim.