Has he faded me out? Why agree not to see other people if he obviously wanted to?

I was dating this guy for about a month. We had met online. Things were going well.

He also seemed fine with not seeing other people. We had slept together on the 3rd date. I mentioned I found it disrespectful if he were to continue seeing other people if we were going to be intimate before hand.

That week. I went online. I was thinking about deleting my dating profile. I was curious and had a look at his one to see if he had his still up. To my surprise he had been on the last 24 hours.

I was upset. We had agreed not to see other people. That felt like a punch in the guts. I sent him at text about it.

He mentions he was bored at work and just went on to delete kisses on there. That he did not want to deal with this kind of drama after a long day of work right now. He then goes on about how he was not lying when he said he was not seeing others while he was with me and that if we don't have trust we don't have anything.

I applogise, say that I do trust him then mention that I was not causing drama. I just wanted to see if we were on the same page. That this was all a misunderstanding. It's all sorted now.

He then was like all good and went on about how excited he was about the weekend. I thought after that text he sent me everything was fine. Forgot all about it.

The next week I end up making plans twice. Once on the Sunday and with him in the middle of the week. He was happy to see me and went along with it. That was the first time I ever imitated anything while dating him.

The second week I decided to drop back a bit to see if he would make an effort to see me. I did that cause I did not want to have to be the one making plans or the time and be taken for granted in the relationship. He sent two texts but never asks me out that week. Don't see him that week at all.

That weekend I ask him if he wants to come to my place. I had just moved and was keen for him to come over and check it out. He mentions he is watching the cricket. A few hours I send a text saying finish packing come watch the cricket at mine. He still made more excuses not to come over. I ignore him and have not sent a text since.

Annoyed at myself for making plans with him. Again. But at least this time. I had a feeling he was fading me out.

Third week nothing. I think it has even been four weeks now of nothing. Pretty hurt. Especially since he had agreed to stop seeing other people before hand. Why say they and not mean it then disappear?

Did check him out online again (could not help myself lol) and saw that he was on there the day before. Wondered if he ever went offline at all.

Changed some details on my dating profile as well. (I had moved). If he looks he knows I am not waiting around for him.

Still pretty baffled at why he could not be honest with me in the first place. We even had a discussion about it one night.

Not sure what to think but not holding my breath waiting around for him.

Have not contacted him once since this whole time.

Just confused!


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  • Sorry to say but perhaps it could be time to move on. All guys are different from the way they act towards girls to how they want to pursue a girl, etc. If a guy truly wants to see a girl he is interested in, he will try to initiate or make contact/reply back. Regardless of the current situation. Keep in mind that people that might use the excuse, "I'm busy" or any similar phrase (which is over used in my opinion) more often than not means that they have lost interest due to many reasons. Possibly no drive or the chase is gone. Rarely will someone actually mean that they are too busy to talk. Important thing is keep an open mind about it. Hope this helps!


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  • you should just move on, he seems like a player

  • i think he is just keeping his options open, you should too