Played and not going to stand

New guy and I haven't been texting or made any plans etc says he's been busy. I don't really believe that because REAL recent is when he stopped texting. Anyways, I sent him a text saying If you're playing me, I don't appreciate it and would like the chance to leave with my pride intact.. so just say it

He said I was acting ridiculous, what the hell!? :O lol


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  • i think you should just don't pay attention to him anymore until he makes an effort

    • I definitely agree with you I'm just irritated that he said I was ridiculous ha ha what an ass

    • ugg yeah he's an a?? definitely.

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  • I would think you're being ridiculous too.that was too dramatic just because he hadn't been paying attention to you.he's a new guy, not a guy you've been dating just made yourself look kinda desperate.

    • Couple months of seeing each other?

  • Hahhahahhaa.

    Any level headed guy would jump ship after that comment!

    How did he play you when you didn't go out or text?

    • We had been and then all of a sudden it stops quite suddenly?

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    • No they're not! Dating is just getting to know someone.

      You need to get rid of your expectations and just let things be. If it's meant to work it will. You sound a bit like you try to force things to work and by doing that it never will.

    • I'm not forcing anything to work. I was simply saying hey, I don't like it and you could've let me know so I can close this door. Don't quite think that's forcing something to work-communicating that you found someone else isn't unreasonable, its more admiral than..say telling someone to text you so you can keep a side option. And yes we both said we were only seeing each other, met families etc. That's why I don't mind if they found someone else but I don't need to be part of it

  • i think he is just playing