A birthday gift for a guy I been dating for a month now

A guy that I met a montj ago, we been dating for a month now

His birthday is coming up should I get him a watch or a shirt

The watch is only 40 its in clearance, do it would be same price as

The shirt... what do you guys think ? I don't want him to think am

Like in love with him but I also want to get him something to show

That I care and am not cheap... please help thanks


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  • I would say make him something. My ex was pretty awesome and she gave me a card with multiple pages saying all the things that she loved about me and I thought it was amazing. A shirt or watch or other material stuff isn't that big a deal to me and I usually wanna pick out my own stuff neway, but something you make is unique and is always appreciated imo


What Girls Said 1

  • i think you should give him the watch.