Did my date last night go well?

So, I met a guy last night who asked me out to a movie, he paid for everything. Our conversation flowed, we were very comfortable almost instantly and it seemed like there was mutual attraction. After the movie which ended at 2 in the morning, he took me up to the top of Mullholland Dr and we listened to Disney songs and made out over looking LA. We also talked for like 3 hours after that. I texted him when I got home and thanked him, and told him I enjoyed my time with him, he responded and said he did as well. I called him tonight to let him know about something he was concerned about that happened to me today. The phone cut out and he never called back and I texted him sorry I lost reception. He didn't call me back either. I really like him, and I'm scared that maybe he doesn't feel the same way. After all that info what do you guys think? I feel there was so many mixed signals. Also, how long should I wait to contact him again or should I wait for him to contact me? I would really appreciate the help!

So he and I texted back and forth many times since this date, never any plans to set up a second date though. I texted him 3 days ago and asked how he was doing, he didn't respond and I haven't tried to get a hold of him and neither has he. What do I do? I really like this kid.


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  • i think it was perfect


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