Girls & Guys, I need your advice on what to do with this American girl?

yesterday I was at a lounge with some guys drinking beer, we decided to introduce ourselves to 3 American girls sitting at the table next to ours, (we're arabs btw) I managed to take the number of the girl I sat next to. They are studying arabic, so I told that girl that if she wanted someone to talk arabic with I'm available and in return I can improve my English, so after they left, she texted me saying: "how are you gonna text me to practice English when you don't have phone credit..?"

2 hours later at 1am, I charged my phone and texted her saying: "and now, how about this? :) by the way that's why I asked if you use Whatsapp"

she hasn't responded what should I do know? text her another message or wait more?

I forgot to mention that I felt a positive vibe from her, cause she helped in keeping the convo going plus when I stood up to go back to my table we shook hands, and she held my hand tightly


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  • wait a little bit

    • It's been a day with no response, but I'm thinking of sending another message, cause at the lounge she asked about something & I told her that I'm gonna check it for her..

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  • You should just try to talk with her in person more.

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