How can I be the "bigger" person?

I've been chatting with a 21 year old guy for about eight months. The first four, we texted a lot & found out we had a lot in common. Then his ex added him back on FB & she posted crap on his wall. After a couple weeks of that BS, I texted him "happy new year" since it was January 1st. He didn't reply, so I deleted everything. Phone, Facebook, all the texts.

No activity for almost a month...just for the hell of it, I shot him a FBmessage in early Feb. 'Hope the dogs aren't too cold' since its winter & freezing out. He replies, much to my surprise & we chatted on there until about 2-3 weeks ago.

Last response I got...I sent him "Happy 4th" & he replies "ditto." I asked him how his job was & he didn't reply...

Should I delete everything again & never talk to him again?


In a month, send him a 'polite', 'mature' message asking him "what happened?" &/or "what changed?" "What happened with how things were before?"

We cracked jokes, had nicknames, comforted each other when one of us had a rough day...I suppose it's better since we never actually met up, even though all I really wanted was a "hello"...


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  • "I've been chatting with a 21 year old guy for about eight months"

    What a waste of a f***ing time.

    8 months...who do you think you are.

    • wtf is that supposed to mean?

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    • LOL Ur funny...but how am I wasting his time?

      Aren't I wasting his?

    • Apperently his wasting yours. Giving you vauge answers like if you had some kinde of leopard diseas or something. You're only wasting his time if you think you are worth less then him. maybe that's why he is not being all that into you, becouse you aren't sending high value vibe. You whan't something, you take action. Then it's up to him. At least you did you part and took some responsibility.

  • he's not into you.

    if so, he would have asked you out. or you could ask him out.

    • into me as in potential girlfriend...friend...or both?

    • Girlfriend.

      He hangs out with you, so that's shows he values you as a friend.

      If he liked you, he would have escalated things long before. to not do so is being beta.

  • You can be the bigger person by send him that polite, mature message.


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  • just keep off from him