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Tomorrow night is my first girl with the date I asked out this week. Actually, it's my first date ever. Not that I've never had a relationship or anything, I've just never asked a girl on a date. I'm planning to go mini golfing and then take her out for ice cream. The forecast isn't holding up for mini golf, it's supposed to rain. There's a driving range at the place I was planning of going to, and I was thinking about taking her there because it's covered, and I would teach her how to hit a golf ball, and because it's something I really like to do.

A. Does anyone have any advice for a first date? I'm nervous as hell, but at the same time very confident, hopefully I'm feeling confident tomorrow night.

B. Would girls like the driving range or should I do the whole driving range thing?


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  • From a guy's point of view it sounds like you got it under control...

    My only advice would do not try to "impress" her with your skills. Be as casual as possible.

    Good luck..